Robert E.
Biographical Information
Occupation: Blacksmith
Status: Alive
Family: Grace (wife)
Anthony (adoptive son †)
Katie Sully (goddaughter)
Production Details
First Appearance: Pilot
Actor: Ivory Ocean (pilot)
Henry G. Sanders (series)
Robert E

Henry G. Sanders as Robert E.

Town blacksmith.

He's played by Ivory Ocean in the Pilot & by Henry G. Sanders for the rest of the series.

Vital InformationEdit

  • Husband of Grace
  • In the pilot we learn that he has lumbago (arthritis). It's never mentioned again.
  • Was a slave to a man named Vernon & had a family (that is now dead) during that time.

Season 1Edit


  • "Now that's the kind of woman a man can dream about his whole life." (The Visitor)

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