Reza S. Badiyi is one of the directors of the show. He was born 17 April 1930 in Arak, Iran as Reza Sayed Badiyi. He died 20 August 2011 in Los Angeles, CA.


  • Wife #1 - Gwendolyn M Dennis (1957-??) divorced
  • Wife #2 - Barbara Turner (1968-1985) divorced
  • Wife #3 - Tania Harley (1987-2011)
  • Former stepchildren - Jennifer Jason Leigh & Carrie Ann Morrow (children of Vic Morrow & Barbara Turner)
  • Children - Mina Badie, Alexis Badiyi, & Tashi Badiyi

Filmography (Notable)Edit

For his complete filmography see his imdb page

  • Mission Impossible (1969-1972) directed 18 episodes
  • Hawaii Five-O (1969-1979) directed 8 episodes & the title visualization

Episodes Directed byEdit

Season 1

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