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Loren Bray
Loren Bray
Portrayed by:
Guy Boyd (pilot)
Orson Bean (series)
First seen:
Episode count:
Colorado Springs
Date of birth:
Date of death:
Owner of the general store
Olive Davis (sister †)
Maude Bray (wife †)
Abagail Sully (daughter †)
Byron Sully (son-in-law)
Hanna Sully (granddaughter †)

Owner of the general store. Played by Guy Boyd in the Pilot & by Orson Bean for the rest of the series.

Vital InformationEdit

Season 1Edit

Season 2Edit

  • The Race: Loren is in charge of signing up for the race and refuses to let Dr. Mike enter due to being a woman. He also helps judge the pie-baking contest that Brian entered (Brian almost named the pie after him).
  • Sanctuary: Loren's sister-in-law, Dorothy, comes to him for sanctuary to escape her abusive husband. He was originally in love with Dorothy and had asked her to marry him when he was younger then settled for her sister when she refused. He is still in love with her despite the fact that she doesn't really feel the same. In the end of the episode, he lets her live with him and and gives her her own desk to make a town paper.
  • Giving Thanks: Both him and Jake's stuborness causes them to drive off the Indians' first offer to help the town with its drought problems. The two of them try to swipe some water from a creek despite Cloud Dancing's warning that it is diseased. After getting sick from the said water, him and Jake eventually swallow their pride and accept the Indian's help the second time.
  • The Circus: Loren reluctantly performs as a clown (along with Brian) at a traveling circus.
  • Life and Death:

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