"Dorothy's Book" is the 6th epidsode of the the 4th season of Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman. In this episode Dorothy Jennings, the editor of the town's newspaper, comes out with a book. This book called "My Town" is about Colorado Springs and its people. In this book, however, Dorothy writes about many of the secrets her friends have told her, including private things about them. For instance, how Grace is unable to have children, yet is cheerful and has "taken Myra and her baby under her wing". She also writes about how Jake was an alcholic for a time, and learned to read and write as an adult. Other subjects include the Rev. Timothy and his gambling issues in the past, and how Dr. Mike lead an honorble life as a single woman in the West. To the townsfolk this comes off as a rude betrayal, and many of Dorothy's friendships weaken because of it. Mostly everyone that was included in the book becomes upset and unsupporting of Dorothy (Except Mathew and seemingly Myra). By the end of the episode most of the townsfolk, including Dr. Mike, realize Dorothy's true intentions with the book; to show how people overcome struggles. The final scene shows Dr. Mike asking Dorothy to sign her copy of the book.

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