Daniel Simon has been Sully' s best friend since childhood. As adults, Sully went to Nevada to help Daniel start his own mining business, which made Daniel very successful.

Daniel came to Colorado Springs at the secret request of Brian because the family were having some financial trouble.

Sully didn't want Daniel help him with the loan so he found a job out of town to make some money. While Sully is out of town and preston foreclosing on the homestead. Michaela accept help from Daniel. When Sully is back insists to pay him back. Also Daniel gives Michaela business advice on charges and book keeping.

Eventually, Daniel falls in love with Michaela and Sully figures it out. Daniel and Sully then have a falling out. They manage to mend their friendship and in then he leaves from the town with the train.

Soon he returns to Colorado Springs when he learns that Sully is one of the most wanted and he is missing. Daniel joins Michaela and Robert E. in their search for missing Sully. After a few days they found him injured in the forest. Michaela treat his wounds and Daniel help her hide him from the soldiers who search for him in the area.In the same time Daniel became the sheriff of the town.

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