Brian Cooper
Biographical Information
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: Journalist
Status: Alive
Age: 8-14
Origin: Colorado Springs
Parents: Ethan Cooper (Father)

Charlotte Cooper(Mother)
Michaela Quinn (Adoptive Mother)
Byron Sully (Adoptive Father)

Family: Matthew Cooper (Brother)

Colleen Cooper (Sister)
Katie Sully (Adoptive Sister)

Production Details
First Appearance: Pilot
Actor: Shawn Toovey
Ron Melendez (Adult)

Brian Cooper is the son of Charlotte and Ethan Cooper and the younger brother of Matthew and Colleen. He is the adopted son of Dr. Michaela Quinn and Byron Sully.

Played by Shawn Toovey

Vital InformationEdit

Season 1Edit


Family TreeEdit

Ethan Cooper
Charlotte Cooper
Matthew Cooper
Colleen Cooper
Andrew Cook
Brian Cooper

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